services overview

/services overview

All of our services are offered on a contracted or ad-hoc, pay as you go basis.

Health and Safety at work is everyone’s business however the rising financial costs are often borne by the employer. Sickness absence is expensive, disruptive and can impact on the overall health and wellbeing of the workforce. Flex Occupational Health can help you meet the legal and regulatory compliance requirements for your business.

Occupational health enhances employee health, workforce productivity and business performance. Employers that invest in Occupational Health services can benefit from better health outcomes and wellbeing for their staff, and increased engagement and loyalty. Flex Occupational Health offers a bespoke service that is based on your business needs.

Our services are impartial, unbiased and confidential working to guidelines set by The Faculty of Occupational Medicine, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, Health and Safety at Work and Equality Act legislation.

Flex Occupational Health is fully insured for medical malpractice and public liability. All of our clinical staff are registered with the appropriate governing bodies.


Absence management

The Department for Work and Pensions make it clear that the Fit Note is for advisory purposes only….

Post Offer Health Assessments

The Equality Act 2010 generally prohibits enquiries about a job applicant’s health prior to job offer….

Health promotion and wellbeing

Many organisations are now realising the benefits of health promotion and wellbeing in the workplace….

Flex Consult

We offer an email and telephone advice line….

Health Surveillance

We are able to offer a range of health surveillance services

Telephone and Face to Face

All of our absence management and post-offer health assessments….