The Flex Approach

Flex Occupational Health is a truly flexible occupational health provider. We offer round the clock services so that all of your employees have access to professional occupational health support.

We recognise that all businesses are different and so we take the time to understand your concerns and how your business works. Workplace visits are encouraged to ensure that interventions and advice are tailored to your unique setting.

Establishing relationships and ensuring continuity is key to a successful service. We believe that providing a dedicated clinician helps to forge stronger working relationships and effective communication. Our services and contracts are customisable to the changing needs of the business.

Key Performance Indicators help you obtain the best possible return on your investment. Audit of activity and outcomes is included and we provide high quality management information reports so that you can see the effect of the service.


Absence management

The Department for Work and Pensions make it clear that the Fit Note is for advisory purposes only….

Post Offer Health Assessments

The Equality Act 2010 generally prohibits enquiries about a job applicant’s health prior to job offer….

Health promotion and wellbeing

Many organisations are now realising the benefits of health promotion and wellbeing in the workplace….

Flex Consult

We offer an email and telephone advice line….

Health Surveillance

We are able to offer a range of health surveillance services

Telephone and Face to Face

All of our absence management and post-offer health assessments….