About Us

Flex Occupational Health was founded by Sarah Fowler, a Registered Nurse, Specialist Community Public Health Nurse and Queen’s Nurse with 25 years clinical and management experience. Sarah has worked across the NHS, public and private sectors and has considerable experience of reviewing and re-designing occupational health services.

Occupational Health focuses on the physical and mental health and wellbeing of employees in the workplace.  We provide an impartial service that supports both the employer and the employee through flexible, high-quality clinical advice and recommendations. Our aim is to ensure that your employees are fit for work, appropriately supported to do so, and that your organisation complies with Health and Safety and Equality Act legislation.

The Flex approach is underpinned by a holistic assessment which recognises the multiple, and often competing influences on an individual’s wellbeing, resilience and ability to work effectively.  Our advice and services are always tailored to the needs of your business whilst helping to optimise the health of your employees.

Flex offers innovative and contemporary occupational health services and we can help you achieve better employee health and wellbeing and reduced sickness absence costs. We believe in creating collaborative relationships to support a bespoke clinical service which will always meet your specific needs.

At Flex we believe that better health results in better business.


Absence management

The Department for Work and Pensions make it clear that the Fit Note is for advisory purposes only….

Post Offer Health Assessments

The Equality Act 2010 generally prohibits enquiries about a job applicant’s health prior to job offer….

Health promotion and wellbeing

Many organisations are now realising the benefits of health promotion and wellbeing in the workplace….

Flex Consult

We offer an email and telephone advice line….

Health Surveillance

We are able to offer a range of health surveillance services

Telephone and Face to Face

All of our absence management and post-offer health assessments….

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